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The Green bag

The Green bag helps us turn food waste into biogas and biofertilizer.

The Green bag

Starting kit

The starting kit, including 50 bags and a holder (B26cm D18cm H20cm), will be delivered in december 2020/january 2021. The starting kit is delivered by us (Finspångs Tekniska) if you live in a house. If you live in an apartment your landlord or tenant owners’ association will deliver the starting kit.

Refill of Green bags

Living in a house: Tie an empty bag on the handle of your outdoor trash bin. Next time we empty your outdoor trash bin you'll get new bags.
Livning in an apartment: Contact your landlord or tenant owners’ association.

You can also get Green bags at:

  • Sjömansängs recycling center (Västralundsvägen 8)
  • Finspångs Tekniska main office (Norrköpingsvägen 32)
  • Finspångs town hall
  • Local store in Rejmyre
  • Local store in Hällestad
  • Local store in Igelfors

This is how it works

  • Throw your food waste in the Green bag
  • When the Green bag is full, tie a double knot and throw the bag where you throw your regular garbage bags.
  • We will empty your outdoor trash bin as usual.
  • Later the Green bags will be sorted out from the rest of the garbage bags using an optical sorting technique.
  • The Green bags will then be taken care of by Svensk Biogas who turns the food into biogas or biofertilizer.

This belongs in the Green bag

  • Food waste: Cookted and raw.
  • Fruit and vegetables: Cores, peel and seeds as well as fruit and vegetables that is too old to use 
  • Bones and shells: Bones from meat or fish, fish guts, eggshells and seafood shells. 
  • Coffee and tea: Tea, tea bags, coffee grounds, coffee filter
  • Cooking fat: Butter, margarine and oil
  • Uncolored kitchen paper

This does NOT belong in the Green bag

  • Dust, vacuum cleaner bags
  • popsicle sticks, wine corks
  • cat litter
  • wipes, diapers, pads
  • flowers, dirt, pots
  • bioplastic bags
  • medicine, pills
  • tobacco, cigarettes, ashes
  • envelopes, paper, magazines
  • packages

Why is there no lid?

Lid is not included in the starting kit. The liquid needs to evaporate otherwise the food waste will start to rot and smell bad. Without a lid, food waste dries faster and the risk of odor is reduced.

Can I use other green bags?

No. Only use the Green bag provided for this system. Other green bags might confuse the optical sorting machines.